Kernel update without reboot

Today I had to upgrade our servers kernel. Some security issues showed as potentially dangerous.

One from our servers BIOS boot time is really painful slow, so I recalled, there was some on-fly patching program - Ksplice, which is now developed by Oracle and source codes was withdrawn from Oracle website. Luckily, there is light.

This article is no longer relevant.

So, since today, you can find in iXit overlay KSplice from czech developer Jiří Slabý git repository.

You may choose between

  • snapshot for testing (ksplice-1.0_p20131112)
  • live ebuild (ksplice-9999-r1) In this moment, codebase is exactly same. After testing we stabilize ksplice-1.0_p20131112, so if you can, give a Ksplice try!

We plan a few days of testing and we'll share the results.