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2022 – ong.
Mesa3D – Continuous Integration and Development
I am dedicated to boosting the performance of continuous integration (CI) for Mesa3D and expanding its coverage.
See more at FDO GitLab
2020 – 2022
Secrets (Password Manager for GNOME, prev. name Password Safe)
I manage development of Secrets, which is an open-source password manager. My responsibilities are driving the development, introducing and discussing new features, and assigning tasks to the developers. Another part of the job is communicating with the GNOME project about the integration of our product. Minor parts of this role are also improving code, CI and publishing the releases.
since 2019
Embedded and Mobile Linux Development
I collaborate with global teams to enable the installation of FOSS Linux on various tablets and phones. This effort encompasses tasks such as acquiring new users, providing guidance throughout the installation process, enhancing documentation, refining code, submitting it to upstream projects, and conducting comprehensive testing. Our ultimate objective is to make FOSS Linux readily accessible and functional for the mobile and tablet market.
2014 – 2017
Mesa3D ‒ Direct3D9 for Linux (Project Gallium Nine)
I revitalized an abandoned project by taking it over from its original developer. Despite the technical challenges, I successfully built and led a global team of developers, motivating them to develop and test products, report issues, and actively contribute to the project's growth and success.
2014 – 2015
iputils (ping & other network tools)
There were patches floating across all distributions applied to the iputils package, and after some failed attempts to reach the iputils maintainer, who from time to time released new versions without including all the needed patches, I moved the project to Github, built CI, and improved code quality. After a short period of time, I was able to convince all major distribution maintainers to join the effort, contribute and use the new upstream in the distributions. The biggest improvement which the new iputils gained was unified ping (ping and ping6 merged together) – contribution from Pavel Šimerda.
2009 – 2019
Gentoo Linux Development
I have consistently contributed to Gentoo development, primarily through the use of Python and the creation of ebuilds.

Formal Education

2011 – 2013
Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electronics, Open Informatics (OI)
2006 – 2010
Electronics engineer with a focus on ICT technology, SŠSEP9, Prague

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