MiniDebConf ‒ Hamburg (2023)

I've been lucky to be part of this great event for second time this year. It's amazing opportunity to meet fellow Debian developers working on many interesting topics. For me, most interesting topic is currently packaging and development of Debian Mobile ecosystem.

Since I'm working on Mesa3D CI, one of things which interested me would be how to optimize container builds, which currently consist by lengthy compilation of multiple software pieces and dependencies.

Regular Debian repository isn't answer for our needs, so after discussion with Jochen I started hacking up proof of concept of our versioned repository, which in theory can be maintainable by users (Mesa3D developers) without Debian packaging knowledge.

Second part of work started on MiniDebConf was slight redesign of Mobian website and download page to improve the readability and usability of the pages.

I really enjoyed the stay and met many great developers. See ya 2024!

Group picture