Mobile Linux on OpenALT 2022

David Heidelberg talking

I decided to talk again about mobile phones with Linux OS. On the market, there are Apple and Google, but nothing in between. That's why I think Linux on phones is a must.

I was very happy to meet many amazing people like Pavel Píša (who had a great talk about Librem 5 hardware internals), Pavel Machek, and many others.

The Linux phones at the conference included PinePhone with Fedora, Librem 5 with PureOS, OnePlus 6 with postmarketOS, OnePlus 6T with Mobian, and a few Ubuntu Touch phones.

Let's sum up my talk.


It's important to see how it went to the point where we are now. Since it's already a historical milestone, I also mentioned PINE64 PinePhone and Purism Librem 5.


  • We had Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile (WM) payment model: together with device ecosystem: You can do whatever you want. Worked back then with less harmful software while users didn't have so much sensitive data on devices.
  • Google Android payment model: pay as you use (with your data and personal information converted later to profit). ecosystem: you are severely limited in your ability to do what you (or your application) requires.
  • Apple iOS payment model: together with device + Apple services ecosystem: restricted to what Apple wants. I call it a golden cage.
  • Mobile Linux payment model: voluntary contribution of time or money. ecosystem: open, with the possibility to engage restricted (e.g., Flatpak) when needed (untrustworthy applications).


  • PinePhone PRO (in EU with 2yrs warranty): 14 600 CZK
  • Librem 5: 31 800 CZK + VAT and customs
  • converted Android phones as OnePlus 6/6T, Xiaomi PocoPhone: 2500 – 4000 CZK
  • FairPhone working on Linux support (no ETA available)


  • iOS - it's not like you have an option
  • Android - you can find few decent ROMs as GrapheneOS or CalyxOS, thou it's not perfect
  • Linux - as usual, too many choices. first born: postmarketOS funded: PureOS → Debian → Mobian


Join today! Some devices, such as the Librem 5 or PinePhone, can be used for daily driving. Because it's the first generation, you have to expect that the Librem 5 will quickly deplete your battery. The PinePhone (1) is not the fastest one (GPU with a limitation to GLES 2 is a major annoyance).